Start a Successful Embroidery Business at Home

Starting an embroidery business at home makes a lot of sense right now, especially if you are already making embroidered things and people are asking you to make things for them as gifts, etc. If you would like expert help with how to start an embroidery business or if you would like to turn your embroidery machine into a profit center – read on!

There are a lot of excellent reasons to start your own business – here are just a few of them:

  • Control of your time
  • Ability to earn income from anywhere you have your machine
  • Ability to be home with your kids
  • Ability to get paid to be creative

If you want to dive deep into starting a successful embroidery business, you are in luck! John Deer of Embroidery Legacy has invited me to present a “How to Start an Embroidery Business” Webinar in October with him. This day-long training will walk you through many of the aspects of setting up your business so that you are primed to succeed. With this training, you will be ready to go in time for the holidays, and you will fast-track your success because you will know how to avoid many of the expensive mistakes newbies make.

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How to Start an Embroidery Business at Home