What Past Attendees Say

Here’s a sample of what past attendees think about NNEP’s Embroidery Mart trade shows:

“Love the show! Would have liked to have been able to attend more of the classes but the ones I was interested in were offered at the same time. Love the variety of classes offered and demonstrations of new products. I loved the new venue too!!”

– Karla Pollina, Stitches by Design

“I changed the way I market my business after attending Embroidery Mart! I am came from the show and published my website that I have had for two years…”

– Amy Seaman, A & B Embroidery

“Everyone I talked to was friendly and knowledgeable. I was agog at some of the machines!! I’d need a bigger house for those “toys” lol!”

– Lyn Rapp

“Both workshops I attended were good. I will use the Machine Maintenance Content!”

– Kim Gattis, Sweet Tee Designs

“I immediately applied what I learned from Bill in the Machine Maintenance class. Best seminar I ever attended. Very beneficial. I spent some time on my machine from what I learned and it is running great.”

– Jerry McAlister, J-Mac Embroidery

“Bought a new hat hooper that will make life easier, session on machine maintenance was excellent.. learned alot!”

– John Kaiser, Kaiser Embroidery Plus Inc.

“The show was fantastic, the weather/commute there – not so much! I was impressed by many of the vendors. The set up and location was awesome. Great Job!”

– Nicole Brockway, Color 3 Embroidery

“I came to shop for embroidery machines and I found the one I wanted. One of the most valuable benefits of going to trade shows is being able to compare, but also talking with other attendees. I also was able to get some help on digitizing small letters. The show was great and very convenient.”

– Julie Rathi, Julie’s Sew & Serge

“I enjoyed last year so much and can hardly wait till the event this year. One of my favorite suppliers is Floriani and I love to browse their booth. Thanks again.”

– Shawna Cole

“I attended your show in Oh and want to say thank you!  I learned a lot and really appreciate all that you do. I am excited about getting the Pricing Worksheet from the class!”

– Trina Iubelt, Anchor Embroidery

“Even though the trade show portion was smaller than the ISS in Atlantic City (and the PPAI Expo in Las Vegas) I found it to be better as far as “pertinent” vendors. Without the hordes of attendees all trying to get personal time with the vendors, I was able to speak with everyone I wanted to. I learned how to fix my large clamp, learned why Safety green shirts are not 100% cotton from the Berne rep, learned about sublimated tee’s and why you will always have some differences between garments. I guess not only did I have the opportunity to talk with them, but I felt like the vendors had more time to give me because they weren’t trying to get to everyone.”

– Mary Mayer, Your Name Here

“This past tradeshow in Nashville was my first – (I just decided to “do it” this year).  I was blown away by all the wonderful people and how unbelievably helpful everyone was.  What a blessing!’

– Pam Seddelmeyer, Sew Detailed

“Jennifer, as members of NNEP, my wife & I had known your family for several years, and seen you at numerous NNEP events. I had not attended any of your seminars before (actually, I’m afraid I didn’t even know you taught them) until this year. WOW!!! I was FIRED UP! My wife attended your mother’s seminar, and she was excited, also! I am SO glad that we re-joined your family! Thank you!”

– Roger W. Bowser, Mary’s Custom Products

“Hi!  I hope you and your family had a restful trip home (or at least got some rest once you arrived home!). It was indeed such a pleasure to meet you, Susan, Arch and Tyler in Nashville.  Me and my “boyz” learned so much during the sessions. We are so glad we became NNEP members. I truly enjoyed the tracks you led and love your spunk, way of thinking, intelligence, willingness to share your knowledge and sense of humor. You are girl after my own heart. I sensed it immediately as soon as I met you at the registration desk. If we lived closer, I know we’d be BFF’s because you are the definition of verve! I know we’d get into some trouble together and have a blast doing it – lol!”

– Nada Brackmann, Chief DoGooder, DoGood Designs, LLC

“Our heads were spinning with new ideas that I couldn’t wait to get home and try.”

– Patti, Grand Slam Creations

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