Embroidery Mart-NASHVILLE Classes

Attend any of the free classes at Embroidery Mart-NASHVILLE on Friday and Saturday. You do not need to register to attend, simply show up for the classes that you need. Seating is available on a first come, first serve basis. Some of the classes are presented by the National Network of Embroidery Professionals co-founder Jennifer Cox.

Click here to download the class summary –> 2017 Embroidery Mart class summary  We will add continue to add to the 2017 schedule below, as instructors finalize their session details.*

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Check back often as we update the 2017 classes as the details are finalized by the presenters!

How to Correctly Hoop and Run Hats

presented by Bill Garvin, for Gunold USA

Learn tips and tricks to run caps smoother and why the design is the most important element to success!

Embroidery Machine Maintenance, Plus Tensions!!

presented by Bill Garvin, for Gunold USA

Preventative maintenance and consistency is the key. Understand tension and what NOT to do!

Understanding Digitizing, Small Text and 3D Puff

presented by Bill Garvin, for Gunold USA

Understand file types, lettering and the correct stabilizer choices.

Making Real Profit the Real Fun Way

presented by Rory Cucchiara for First-Edition Screenprinting

Whether it’s back to school, a swimming meet, a gymnastic’s tournament or a football game. Printing on site is where it’s at! Our seminars offer real solution; we speak from experience. We tell you how to charge for products. We discuss commissions to organizations, and most importantly, we talk about your profit!

Basic Digitizing plus Applique & Puffy Foam

presented by Richard Bloedow for SewingMachine.com

Learn the basics of embroidery digitizing along with tips and techniques for doing applique and puffy foam.

Adding Promotional Products to Your Business

presented by Advertising Speciality Institute

This class, hosted by ASI’s experienced sales team, will feature ways promotional products can be used by any professional interested in growing their business. Want to increase sales from your current customers and introduce your business capabilities to new customers? You can do both by simply adding promotional products as a new sales channel. Learn how thousands of businesses have succeeded in this market. Discover the top markets to sell to, the hottest products available and the tools you need to succeed. Your customers are already buying promotional products – shouldn’t it be from you?

Digitizing…What You Need to Know

presented by Lee Caroselli Barnes, Balboa Threadworks Embroidery Design

Learn Essentials that will make Digitizing and Editing easy, allow you to be more creative, and have your customers coming back for more. Easy techniques that show you how to work with the machine and get the most out of your digitizing effort will help you grow your business and enjoy it while you do! Learn digitize in a whole new way…Understand the process. From Underlays, to Push Pull, to great designs that run well with no thread breaks, you will have the answers.

10 Apparel Trends & How to Heat Press Them

presented by Mark Merola, Stahls’

Apparel trends & fabrics are always evolving. Staying ahead of the competition can be a challenge. Learn the top 10 trends in decorated apparel and how to make money replicating these hot trends with your heat press. Discover new ways to add dimension and bling effects to items to make your apparel stand out. Learn how to successfully print the top apparel blanks that yield high profits from trendy tri-blend t-shirts and performance wear to textured jackets and bags. Attendees of this action-packed class will experience the actual decoration of many trendy items on a heat press.

Give YOUR Embroidery Business the CUTTING Edge!

presented by Angela Meeks, RNK/Floriani

The Commercial Embroidery Business is more competitive than ever before, but you can easily make your work stand out above all others by simply adding a few steps to the process. Join Angel for this intensive innovative class that will have you wanting to leave the show early just to try the things you will learn about making your embroidery more beautiful and totally unique. Not only will your customer demand increase, but your profits as well. Forget selling your work for less, let Angel show you how to sell it for more. MUCH MORE!

The Secret to Perfect Monograms or Logo’s is Perfect Lettering

Presented by DJ Anderson, RNK/Floriani

It has been said many times that Commercial Embroidery is 90 percent Lettering and Monograms. Regardless of the actual percentage, almost any commercial embroiderer would agree, Lettering or Monogramming is a huge part of their business. It is also a huge frustration for many to perfect! This class will dispose of that frustration once and for all!
The following is just a partial list of the topic’s covered in this class:
· Create perfect lettering from scratch
· Convert True Type Fonts to embroidery with confidence and success
· How to determine the limitations of Keyboard Fonts
· How to determine the limits of resizing – smaller and larger.
· How to determine proper weight of thread and needle size needed for a specific size letter.
· Structure lettering for Hats and backs of Jackets
· How to determine the sequence in which the letters should stitch depending on the size and fabric or garment.
Regardless of whether you only use lettering offered in your software, create your own lettering, rely on someone else to create your designs with lettering, this class will teach you how to prevent issues with lettering before they happen.

Embroidery Perfection

presented by Melanie Coakley, Ready Set Sew

Learn from 28-year embroidery veteran how she gets top dollar for embroidery and keeps customers coming back for more!


*Please do note that class subjects, titles and presenters are subject to change without prior notice.

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