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Attend any of the free classes at Embroidery Mart-COLUMBUS on Friday and Saturday. You do not need to register to attend a specific class on these days, simply show up for the class with your 2017 Embroidery Mart-COLUMBUS namebadge. Seating is available on a first come, first serve basis.

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Free Classes offered to ALL Embroidery Mart-COLUMBUS Attendees!

Embroidery Mart Classes Summary – – CLICK THIS LINK to download a current class schedule as of 1/16/17.

Classes that will be presented in 2017:

How to Hoop and Run Hats Correctly

Presented by Bill Garvin for Gunold
Hate Embroidering Hats? We all do! Learn the tips and tricks to run hats smoothly on your machine. Learn why the design is the most important element to success for sewing caps. Understand the correct hooping techniques as well as placement options for any style of cap. Know the best production speed for your designs to run smoothly. After this class, you might even enjoy running caps!

Embroidery Machine Maintenance – All Brands

Presented by Bill Garvin for Gunold
Learn How to maintain your machine. Understand tension, and what not to do. Discover how to avoid the evil of lint build up. Why does the thread break so much? Preventative maintenance and consistency is the key to the smooth operation of your machine.

Understanding Designs/Digitizing A to Z

Presented by Bill Garvin for Gunold
Know what can and can not be done to designs and file types to generate excellent embroidery. Discover why certain designs or fonts put holes in products? Good digitizing only has to be done once. Learn what stabilizers (backings) are best for what products. Do you hate sewing 100% poly shirts, now the industry standard polo? Learn the correct design properties and stabilizer choice to greatly reduce puckering.

10 Apparel Trends & How to Heat Press Them

Presented by Yolanda Merrill, Stahls’
Apparel trends & fabrics are always evolving. Staying ahead of the competition can be a challenge. Learn the top 10 trends in decorated apparel and how to make money replicating these hot trends with your heat press. Discover new ways to add dimension and bling effects to items to make your apparel stand out. Learn how to successfully print the top apparel blanks that yield high profits from trendy tri-blend t-shirts and performance wear to textured jackets and bags. Attendees of this action-packed class will experience the actual decoration of many trendy items on a heat press.

A Complete Guide to Monogramming with Your Heat Press

Presented by Yolanda Merrill, Stahls’
There is a big opportunity in personalized products. Personalization through monograms can be seen on everything from t-shirts and bags to headwear, shoes and accessories. As the growth and popularity of monogramming continues to climb, heat transfers open your business up to printing more items and finishes than ever before. In this class, learn:

  • How to create common styles of monograms, including where to source fonts
  • How to print the most popular & profitable monogram blanks using a heat press, vinyl cutter, and CAD-CUT heat transfer vinyl
  • The best heat transfer technologies available for creating monograms
  • Trendy and fashionable finishes that you can implement in your shop

Screen Printing with Just a Heat Press

Presented by Dan Kane, Transfer Express
Are you ready to start your own t-shirt business? All you need is a heat press and you can print screen printed custom shirts in just 4 seconds. We will show you how to create art without any art experience using a free online design tool. We will also show you a variety of print options including glitter, full color, individual names and numbers. All of this for a minimal investment…a heat press!

Adding Promotional Products to your Business

Presented by Jason Krenzel, Advertising Specialty Institute

This class, hosted by ASI’s experienced sales team, will feature ways promotional products can be used by any professional interested in growing their business. Want to increase sales from your current customers and introduce your business capabilities to new customers? You can do both by simply adding promotional products as a new sales channel. Learn how thousands of businesses have succeeded in this market. Discover the top markets to sell to, the hottest products available and the tools you need to succeed. Your customers are already buying promotional products – shouldn’t it be from you?

How to Sell What You Decorate – Understand what you are really selling!

Presented by Greg Kitson, Mind’s Eye Graphics

Learn how to create value-added apparel decoration that not only meets your client expectations but positions your organization to become a solution provider for your clients in the future. Remember you can’t decorate it until you sell it!

How to get the most from your contract decorating relationships

Presented by Greg Kitson, Mind’s Eye Graphics

Prepare your shop to sell those larger than you can handle internally projects and stop telling your customers you don’t want their money.  Let your contract partners deal with the logistics and prepare yourself to provide the necessary information to be PROFITable no matter how large the order size.

How to Get Started or Expand Your Business with Rhinestones, Heat Transfer Vinyl, and Vinyl Decals

Presented by Matt Vassallo, The Rhinestone World
Learn the basics of being profitable in the custom apparel and decal business. If you have a heat press and vinyl cutter, you’ve got everything you need to get started! This is an excellent class for anyone wanting to start or grow their apparel or decal business. You’ll learn proven strategies from Matt Vassallo, entrepreneur and owner of The Rhinestone World, who started his business in 2006 doing the very same thing. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Learn from someone who’s been where you are, add your unique creativity along the way, and get your business on the road to success! In this seminar, you’ll learn:

  • Producing rhinestone and vinyl products using a vinyl cutter and heat press
  • Marketing your products to your target consumers and growing your customer base
  • Tips and tricks to save time and money
  • Digitizing…

How to Boost Your Sales & Design Creativity with CorelDRAW® & the TRW Design Wizard™ Software

Presented by Matt Vassallo, The Rhinestone World
In this class, you will discover how to transform your business with this second-to-none software! Maybe you’ve considered starting a vinyl and rhinestone business or adding these elements to your existing business but thought it’s too difficult to learn. The beauty of the TRW Design Wizard™ is that it’s developed in collaboration with apparel and decal business owners just like you to make for a user-friendly experience—no complex functions that only programmers know how or care to use. Plus, users receive ongoing training and support from our collection of free tutorials covering each feature of the software in addition to live or recorded webinars presented by our TRW trainers. Since this software is a macro built on top of CorelDRAW®, a leading graphic design software that many in the industry already use, the TRW Design Wizard™ is an inexpensive option for your business. The TRW Design Wizard™ also contains shortcuts and features that will save you time with other vector art you may already produce and allows you to integrate rhinestones with other media such as vinyl to create increasingly popular multi-decoration products. It also includes fully customizable business features including a cost calculator and a top of the line mock-up generator.


* Class dates, times, presenters and subjects are subject to change without prior notice. All class participants must be registered for Embroidery Mart and be at least 14 years old.


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